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Group Licensing Options

Are you a part of a group of teachers, SLPs, Occupational Therapists or parents?  Get LessonPix for all of them!  We will be happy to help you setup a group (of any size), and have discounts available at 10, 25, and 100+ users.

We're happy to tailor a solution to fit your exact needs, and a quick, 15 minute phone call is usually a great place to start. We'll need to discuss who your potential users are, how you'd like to fund the group, what kind of training (if any) will be needed, etc.

After that call, we can get you running in just a day or so, and we've worked hard to make it very easy to setup and manage your group--you and your team really will love this!

Email Group Licensing

You can reach our Group Licensing specialists at (727) 437-2465 or we're looking forward to hearing from you.


Common Licensing Questions


Do you accept Purchase Orders?  We accept purchase orders for all group purchases, regardless of size.  We prefer purchases of less than $100 to be done via credit card to speed the process and reduce cost, but we understand that's not always possible.

Purchase orders can be sent to:

LessonPix, Inc
35246 US Hwy 19 N #139
Palm Harbor, FL 34684
Fax: (727) 674-1840


Do you offer Multi-User Licenses?  While our group licenses can cover any number of users, they require only a single purchase and everyone renews at once: no need to make separate subscription payments for each user.  You can also re-assign your licenses within a group if users leave.


Do you offer Site Licenses?  LessonPix licensing is always user-based.  That is, we charge based on the number of people who will be users of the system (your teachers, SLPs, etc.)  Each user will get their own username and password. This is mainly because each user will create their own resources, add their own pictures, and have their own shared materials.  While we will gladly customize a plan that fits your needs, we don't do "Lab Accounts", "Shared Accounts" or "Site Licenses."


What if I don't know how many teachers will use it?  Sometimes when you have a group of 100 or more users, you don't know how many will actually use the service.  We understand that and will work with you to create an estimate of users for the first year and then switch to the number of actual registered users at the first renewal.  We want your business and will gladly work with you to keep this affordable.


What about College Students?  The LessonPix University Outreach Program provides free access to LessonPix for all students seeking a degree in speech pathology, education, or other programs that require visual supports. Professors should contact our Licensing Department at or 727-437-2465 x404 or watch the following video for more information.


University Outreach accounts include a professor-administrator account and a remote online training. College students can improve their practice with hours of using visuals rather than hours of creating them. Visuals are an evidence-based practice for a multi-modality approach, universal design for learning, behavioral strategies, and/or play-based learning. See how LessonPix can help you today.