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Chicago, IL (Nov.17, 2013) – There's a new tool for Speech and Language Pathologists (SLPs) trying to learn phonics and the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA): and it comes in the form of a word game.  Soundable, a new sound-based social word game was announced today at the annual American Speech Language Hearing Association Convention (ASHA) in Chicago.  The game is the product of a new collaboration between Tactus Therapy Solutions, a leader in iOS apps for speech therapy and, whose SoundFinder™ technology powers the game.

The game, which would feel familiar to players of Scrabble® or Words With Friends® replaces normal letters with sounds using IPA characters.  Beginners or non-SLPs can switch to more familiar phonetic spellings at any time like "SH" instead of the special IPA character "ʃ", making it a great social game that focuses on sounds, not spelling.

"We've known for a while now that an IPA word game would be a big hit with SLPs," explained LessonPix V.P. Bill Binko, "we're just very happy to have found a great partner like Tactus to help us bring this to market.  They've got a great reputation for building powerful, intuitive apps for SLPs, and we know this is going to be a huge hit."

Megan Sutton, founder of Tactus Therapy Solutions, recognizes that this is a shift for the company, but also thinks it's worth the effort. "Tactus has historically done therapy apps, but creating a game is a refreshing change. It's nice to do something just for the SLPs and students to practice their skills and have fun!  It's great to create something that both engages a different part of your brain and lets you celebrate your inner word nerd. Soundable is much harder than other games when you start, really making you focus on the phonetics of the language."

The game, which is scheduled for release early 2014, will be available for free with advertising, with the option of removing ads and adding premium features like AI opponents for practicing IPA solo.  Those interested in the game can join the Soundable community by registering at to receive announcements and request early preview access.

About Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd.
Incorporated in 2011, Tactus Therapy Solutions was founded to bring the latest technology and proven therapy methods to therapists and people with aphasia and other communication disorders. “Tactus” means touch in Latin, and the touch screen is what makes Tactus Therapy Solutions unique and so easy to use. Based in Vancouver, BC on the west coast of Canada, Tactus Therapy Solutions aims to deliver quality speech, language, and cognitive rehab applications to the world.

About LessonPix, Inc.
Founded in 2009, LessonPix provides online visuals and materials for teachers, parents, and SLPs with an ever-growing library of original high-quality scalable artwork (currently over 30,000 symbols) and powerful tools to leverage them in the classroom, therapy setting and at home.  Their unique SoundFinder and its related tools provide SLPs with the ability to easily "Search by Sounds not Letters" and make games, materials, and AAC overlays to support their therapy goals.

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