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LessonPix and Picseepal

LessonPix provides easy-to-make visuals and activities customized for individual needs. Picseepal is a water-proof carrying case in a notebook format with 6 pages. Together these AMAZING tools enables people to access visuals anywhere - even the pool! 

The picseepal has 6 pages with clear pastic "snaps" that can pop in and out of the pages. (They are called "snaps because they snap together like a tupperware lid to hold and protect the pages.) 

LessonPix templates can be placed inside the snaps for low-tech visuals that can go anywhere: the pool, playground, out in water day, in the snow...  And you can even write on the pages with a dry-erase marker! Love it!

The page size is A5, nearly a half sheet of paper. Some of the LessonPix templates offer to print in A5 which can be printed on regular paper and cut out. 

Because LessonPix creates pdf files, you can also resize any template by reducing the size to 72%. 


Once you have your template, you can cut or fold the visual to fit inside the snap. It's that simple!

You can access a commmunication board, fringe vocabulary, visual schedules, and more. Children who use an AAC Communication device can have a printed picture of their device for a low-tech solution in the pool. Place a alphabet keyboard pad to point and spell for communcation needs. 

In addition to communication symbols, a teacher, para, or caregiver may include visual schedules, choice boards, sensory strategies, or more as needed for accessibility for all. Use a dry-erase marker to highlight or check. 


Learn more in this fun interview video with Picseepal: