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Using LessonPix with ReadtopiaGO by Readtopia, Building Wings. 

ReadtopiaGO is the new comprehensive early literacy curriculum for Pre-K to Grade 2 from the publishers of Readtopia, Building Wings. 

Designed to help get our youngest learners on the road to literacy, ReadtopiaGO provides the resources early childhood educators need to deliver 4 years worth of comprehensive literacy instruction and put all learners on the path to conventional literacy. Based on the work of Karen Erickson and David Koppenhaver, ReadtopiaGO provides developmentally appropriate materials with diverse representation organized into weekly lesson plans for ease of implementation. Find ReadtopiaGO at

Building Wings has partnered with LessonPix to develop communication and visual supports to build communication, reading, and writing skills in young learners. These include a multipage communication board set, learning games, and curriculum aligned resources. 

Ensure that all learners have access to communication with our flip book style communication board set. With a consistent core vocabulary based on the work of Project Core  and curriculum aligned fringe pages, every student can communicate their ideas and thoughts. Download the entire flip book here.

Additional resources include curriculum materials to use with learning activities within each ReadtopiaGO unit along with supplemental games and resources for learning centers. Search the LessonPix Sharing Center for ReaptopiaGO  to find ready-to-print materials, or customize your own. 


Check out these examples from the Sharing Center: 

1. Bingo Game using faces of different people from the story, "One Wonderful You".

Make your own game using photographs of classmates or family members. Talk about how each person is special and unique. Learn more here in "My Friends Bingo" article.  


2. Game Board to accompany the poem, "My Shadow" by Robert Louis Stevenson. 

3. Vocabulary Map to learn about Animals Around Us

A semantic map with a center picture of animals and 8 blank squares surrounding it

Brainstorm animals with learners; practice animal sounds and think about where the animals live!

4. Descriptive Words that make us think of a scientist 

What words would you use to describe a scientist? Use these cards to help young students consider what a scientist is like. 

Here are some answers to some Frequently Asked Questions that we hear:

  1. How do you modify the communication book? If you are a LessonPix member, it is easy to modify the communication book or any LessonPix resource. Check out this article to learn more about how to edit materials
  2. Why use a paper-based AAC communication book rather than a high tech device? AAC systems can be comprised of many different resources, including low tech supports and high tech voice output devices. The ReadtopiaGO communication book may be part of a learner's system that also includes a high tech device. The printed communication book can also be used as a tool that any learner can have access to easily with limited expense, even if they do not have a high tech communication device or system. 
  3. Is the ReadtopiaGO communication book the same as that for Readtopia? The ReadtopiaGo vocabulary is a subset of the fringe vocabulary contained in Readtopia, so that learners can grow in their language and literacy skills.  
  4. Why isn't fringe organized around themes and topics? Our hope was to make this book useful during instruction and applicable to a learner's day beyond school. In that spirit, the fringe vocabulary is organized around general, intutitive categories, rather than the academic or book-based themes you'll find in ReadtopiaGO and Readtopia respectively.