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Story Activities for

The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats


This winter story follows young Peter as he plays and explores snowy day activities. Check out these activities to support vocabulary, comprehension, and application of this fun story theme. 


Consider students' background knowledge about snowy days. Living in Florida, many of my students have never seen snow. I would start by asking, "have you ever seen snow? Living in colder climates, ask about experiences with snow or feelings about snowy days. 

Look at the cover of the book. Consider following questions before reading aloud: 

  • What do you think the story will be about? What is the boy looking at? Where do you think this story takes place?
  • How many words are in the title? Lets clap each word - The Snowy Day. 3 Claps!
  • Do you see any letters you know? What sound does that letter make? 
  • Do you see any words you know? I see the little word, "the". 
  • Acknowledge the author. Have we read any other books by Ezra Jack Keats? 
  • Label the parts of the book: cover, spine, title. Does the book look like its in good condition? 
  • Note where to start reading. 



Review story vocabulary prior or as you read. Display vocab on word wall or match to text in the book. 


Match pictures on the board and/or in the book. 



Here are multiple choice comprehension questions for this story.  Print one per page or chane your printer settings to 2 per page. 


Tasks cards ask open-ended questions for discussions related to the story.  

Talk about story details as you play a fun game of Bingo

Use white playdough balls and smash on the pictures that happened in the story. 


Adapted Reading - Simplified text

Make pictures of events in a story. Laminate and velcro on pages of a board book version. Read simplifies words for children who have difficulty attending. Also use for retelling, matching to pages in the book, and comprehension questions. 


Story Sequence

Look at the different snow activities Peter did in the snow. Discuss the sequence of his activities using this fame schedule or dial. 



Use these picture cards to sequence the activities. 

Or retell the sequence as you complete a maze. 



What would you do on a snowy day? 

Think about what Peter saw when he looked out of his window. Students can draw and write about what they see out of their window. 

Or make a class book about events from the story. 



Look at the descriptive language in the book. Discover poetry about snow.

Students can create own poetry about snow or winter. 




Discuss the different types of weather mentioned in the book. Have students keep a weather journal for a week, recording the weather each day. They can then compare and contrast the weather they experience with the weather in "The Snowy Day."

Graph the weather each day for the month. 

Read related weather stories or make adapted books with predictable text. 


Talk about the water cycle. Experiment with water freezing and melting. 


Core and Fringe Vocabulary

Make fringe words from the story to use with core vocabulary board. 




Mix 50% shaving cream with 50% elmers white glue. Paint snowy pictures and let dry for puffy snow art. 




Play with Shaving Cream!

Add white packing peanuts for more fun! We used Mr. Potato Head parts. 

Fill sensory box or water table  with crushed ice (snow) and spoons, cups, small beans (eyes), small hat, etc. Keep gloves and mittens near by for added fine motor / dressing practice. 



Additional Activities

Create a map of Peter's journey. Great for a class mural. 

Play Memory Matching Game using details from the story. 

Matching book




For more activities for this story or winter theme, check out the Sharing Center. Make your own materials using pictures from our clip art library. Have fun learning and playing together.