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How to Code a Sandcastle

By Josh Funk


Pearl and her robot, Pascal, need to build a sandcastle before their summer vacation is over. Pearl demonstrates how she uses her coding skills to build a sandcastle by breaking it down into smaller steps. This fun story teaches coding skills such as being specific, sequences, loops, and other coding concepts. 



Review story vocabulary. Find matching words in the book. 



As you read or following the story, students can answer these simple comprehension questions. Provide mulitple choice answers and visuals for students who may need extra support. 



Use puppets to act out and retell this adorable story. 


Design Your Own Sandscastle

Students can design their own sandcastle and describe how to build it. 


Coding Directions

Students write or tell specific instructions to program the robot get to the sandcastle. 


Computer Logic

Use visuals to help teach these fum coding concepts in the story. 



Summer Fun

Here are some more activities to teach concepts and vocabulary about summer. 



Robot Fun

Build your own robot with recycled materials and then teach the robot new skills.

Here are some robot-themed materials: 



Have fun learning and playing together!