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Story Activities for Dragons Love Tacos

By Adam Rubin

Planning a fabulous party for a drove of dragons? Or maybe you just want a fun story to read? Here are some story activities to use with the story, "Dragons Love Tacos" by Adam Rubin. 

Story Vocabulary

Here are some words in the story. Review a couple prior to reading. Display on a word wall for writing. Or students can hunt for the words in the story. (Picture cards by Britta Abood)




Pair visuals with comprehension questions as you read or following the story. Here are some question cards created by Laura Ouimette. 

Here are simpler Yes / No question cards. Use to spark discussion on the topic or look for evidence in the book. 



This book illustrates many opposites: gigantic / baby; chunky / smooth; spicy / mild; etc. Discuss opposites and find examples in the book. 

Match these opposite cards. (by Kandy Schroeder)

Match the opposites (by Brenda Jenkins)

Use stickers to choose the best opposite. (by Chandra Henry)


Articulation (open ended)

Print the cards, cut out and laminate.  Put all cards into an envelope or bag.  Students practice artic or language skills and then draw a card.  They keep the taco cards.  If they draw a dragon card, they have to put back the number of tacos indicated on the dragon card and if they draw the salsa card, they have to return all of their taco cards.  The student with the most taco cards at the end is the winner.

Sort images by sound to work on auditory discrimination and blends. This activity is 2 pages.


Phonological Awareness

Students identify how many syllables there are in some of the story vocabulary words, by utilizing these cards and clothespins, daubers or chips.


Making Tacos

Recall the ingredients in making a taco. (Made by Heather Heady)

Ask students what they would like in thie taco. Have students make and eat their own tacos. 



Visual Perceptual

Find the taco ingredients. 




Trace the lines to bring the dragon to the taco. 

Tell about your taco party or describe your favorite taco to eat. 




Cut out a large circle on yellow construction paper. Also cut out construction paper ingredients for a taco. (Orange shreds + cheese; green shreds = lettuce; brown strips = meat;  red circles = tomatos; red string or glue = salsa).

  • With a small group, students take turns spinning the spinner or rolling the die to see what they add to their taco. If they land on spicy pepper - they skip their turn.
  • With an individual, student will spin the spinner or roll the die and add ingredients until they land on the spicy pepper.  (Then they can start a new taco!)



Board Games

Play a board game using vocabulary from the story. (Created by Jennifer and Rachel Gips)



Taco Themed Center Activities

Laminate and play with these taco-themed activities. 



Have fun learning and playing together!