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Story Activities for

The Roll-Away Pumpkin 

by Junia Wonders and Daniela Volpari


This story tells the tale of Marla Little running down the hill yelling "Help" and chasing her giant pumpkin through the town. The beautiful illustrations and repetitive text delight young readers as they follow the journey of the pumpkin and followers. 

Here are some visual materials and activities to support and extend learning with this fun book. 


Story Vocabulary

Review story vocabulary. Find words in the book, place on word wall, or support spelling in writing activities. 



Discuss the characters in this story. Describe what each character does and their part in the story. 

Make puppets to retell the story to act out story during a read-aloud. 

Discuss who was in the story and who was not in the story? Use a bingo dauber to mark the characters in the story. 



Sequence the characters in the story as they appear and begin to chase the giant pumpkin. 

While re-reading, open and close the flap as you come to each part of the story. 



Look at several different  real pumpkins. Describe the attributes. 


Build a ramp. Roll a pumpkin down the ramp. 

Make a pumpkin volcano!

Growing a pumpkin




Roll a pumpkin through paint. Look at the design of the paint. 

Print several copies of this pumpkin. Place different textures under the color page as you color the pumpkin: cardboard, sandpaper, leaves, etc. 

Check out this pumpkin pie playdough recipe. 


Writing and Fine Motor

Here is a writing page for students to tell their own pumpkin story. 


Copy the feeling words

Cut out the pumpkin cards

Pumpkin Lacing Cards



Make your own pumpkin treats! 



Pumpkin Prepositions



Pumpkin Math



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Have fun learning and playing together!