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Woodland Animals Template Theme

Adorable Woodland Animals bring sweet smiles and calm feelings to young children. It's no wonder that these forest animals make popular stuffed animals, storybook characters, and nursery themes. Many classroom teachers utilize this popular theme to create a warm and inviting learning environment. 

LessonPix offers many templates with a woodland animal themes - here are a few examples from the sharing center.


Bingo Dauber

Bingo Dauber templates are great to use as smash mats with playdough or with bingo daubers to mark symbols. You can make practice sheets or students can mark examples or non-examples. Here are some woodland themed bingo dauber template: 



Menus and Lists

Menus and Lists template lists 1-10 symbols on a themed page. Great for organizing materials, vocabulary, or scavenger lists. 


Task Cards

Tasks cards tempalte offers 4 cards per page with text that wraps. These work well as question cards or task cards for group projects or indepenedent work. 



Artic Trials

Artic Trials template is a themed template that shows and repeats symbols with 10, 25, 50, and 100 symbols per page. Commonly used in data collection and assessment, this material works well for students to mark a number of trials such as saying articulation words, performing task repetitons, or self-monitoring behaviors. The fun themes can help motivate young learners or correspond to thematic units. 



Picture Schedules 

Picture schedules templates show 2-10 pictures in a sequence. The woodland schedule shows the symbols in a row with acorns under each cymbols. Cut out a woodland animals and move the animals across these symbols as they are completed. As the animal moves across the page, it progresses toward the acorn tree. A reward or image of the completed task may be placed on the tree (similar to our "I am working for" template).  


There are other fun schedules. Here is an Owl themed template. 


Themed Mats

Themed Mats place 1-10 pictures on a larger pictures. These come in black and white or color. Use student photos to show groups for group work. Use as a "smash mat" with playdough. Or use black and white pictures to color as you say each word. 



Theme Picture Cards

Themed picture cards places 6 symbols per page on a themed picture. There are many different themes for woodland such as acorns, bear prints, and owls. Here are a few samples: 



Find the Picture

This template promotes visuals scanning and language. Selected symbols are hidden within a bigger picture for students to find. 


Other Templates

There are so many template to choose at LessonPix. You can turn any template into a woodland themed tempalte. Check out these sample ideas from the sharing center. 



Have fun learning and playing together!