Apple Themed Activities

Enjoy these delicious apple activities with LessonPix.

Bee Themed Templates

LessonPix has fun bee-themed templates for your visuals and bee activities. Great for classroom theme or bee-themed unit of study.

Boho Rainbow Themed Templates

Boho Rainbow is a rainbow shape that is made of differing colors and lines, usually in a muted pastel palette. LessonPix offers several templates using the Boho Rainbow theme.

Cactus Theme

Go to any Target store, especially in the dollar section, and you will see the most popular classroom decor themes, and right now succulents are quite popular! LessonPix has added Cactus themed templates for theme decor and curriculum units.

Dinosaur-Themed Learning Fun

Dinosaurs are a popular theme for kids. With so many books and toys that use this theme, dinosaurs can make learning lesson objectives more motivating!

Farm Themed Templates and Activities

LessonPix offers farm-themed templates and activities - great for curriculum units and classroom themes.

Gingerbread Man Theme Templates

This articles shows templates styles using the Gingerbread theme as well as other general templates customized with Gingerbread concepts - making learning sweet!!

Llama Themed Templates

Llamas are the epitome of fun and wild hair days! Check out these fun llama-themed templates.

Popcorn Theme

Themed templates are great to use on special occasions, units of study, or as interest area. Popcorn is a fun theme, sure to make learning delicious!

Rubber Ducky Theme

LessonPix has rubber ducky pictures and templates for fun learning activities. Perfect for National Rubber Ducky Day on January 13!

Snowman Theme Ideas

Learning About Winter- Check out some Snowman Theme Ideas.

Space Theme

Reach for the Stars! Space themes are popular classroom decor, inspiring to look up, set goals, focus on science and technology, and expand your thinking! Possibilities are endless. LessonPix has many space-themed templates to help you create a boundless learning environment.

Turtle-ly Awesome!

Kids love turtles! One of the best Turtle resources is Tucker Turtle. Tucker is a Turtle who teaches ways to calm and social skills instruction. Check out some turtle ideas for you!

Woodland Animals

Adorable Woodland Animals bring sweet smiles and calm feelings to young children. Many classroom teachers utilize this popular theme to create a warm and inviting learning environment. LessonPix offers many templates with a woodland animal themes.