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Why Choose LessonPix? 

LessonPix is an online resource to reate customized visuals and activities for learning, communication, behavior, and independent functioning.

Our goal is to provide an accessible tool that is:

  • Simple to use 
  • Affordable 
  • Flexible for customization
  • Fast to utilize immediately

With over 70,000 symbols and 500 templates, users can create the visuals and activities they need when they need it. While we keep the basics quite simple to get started immediately, there is incredible power in being able to customize exactly what you need.

Check out some of our best features....

Signing Up


Group Licenses

  • Group Accounts priced per user with discounts at 10, 25, and 100 users
  • Single renewal date
  • Purchase orders accepted
  • Free training
  • Prorated accounts when you add additional licenses


System Requirements

  • Log in from any machine; works on all platforms
  • Accessible on PC, Mac, iphone, tablets, Chromebook, etc.
  • Works with all browsers 
  • Does not use Flash
  • Cloud-based storage of materials made in individual accounts
  • No installation, no upgrades, no versions
  • Materials generated in PDF format


Search Tools

  • Browse the Clip Art Library with over 50,000 symbols
  • Search images, materials, and articles in upper right corner 
  • Powerful Soundfinder Tool lets you search by sound
  • Minimal Pairs Finder retrieves images that different by one sound
  • Filter by style, syllables, and pattern


Our Symbols


Our Templates

  • 500+ templates including behavior visuals, AAC overlays, and learning games
  • More templates added monthly by based on member ideas
  • Customize templates to meet your needs for learning, communication, and interests 
  • Translation tool uses Google Translate to transate your materials instantly
  • Sharing Center has thousands of ready-to-use materials to spark new ideas!
  • Edit an existing material
  • Hundreds of activity and template ideas in our articles 


Interactive For Remote Learning 


And there are more reasons to choose LessonPix!

  • People love us!
  • We listen to you!
  • Join the conversation on Facebook 
  • Short how-to videos on our You Tube channel
  • Awesome customer service!!! - no machine answering
  • LessonPix is a certified Woman Owned Small Business