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Live Webinar Trainings

LessonPix is offering FREE 1-hour webinar based training each month with the exception of July* to explore all the various capabilities so you can get the most power from your membership. Our traininers will present features and allow for questions and comments along the way.

  • Group Accounts: Groups with under 25 members are welcome to register and join our monthly webinar trainings.  Groups 25 or over can join the monthy trainings, but they are also eligible for a private training dedicated to their group!


  • University Outreach:  As part of the outreach program we provide a 1 hour training program that all college students that are to receive an account must attend/view.  Typically these sessions are coordinated with your college professor.


  • Individuals:  All individuals are welcome to join our 1 hour training webinars. 


The next dates and training registration URLs for our planned sessions are:

- Aug 6th at 3:00 PM Eastern:  Click here to register

- Aug 22nd at 6:00 PM Eastern:  Click here to register

*To view a pre-recorded session, please click the link below:

Meeting Recording: