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LessonPix in Google Slides

LessonPix works right inside of your Google Slides presentation!  Similar to our PowerPoint Add-in, the Google Slides Add-on allows users to create truly custom materials with access to the symbol library as well as the LessonPix Play Tools.  This works fabulously for remote learning and on interactive white boards. 

Check out this short video to see how it works. 


To start - simply search for LessonPix in the Extension folder and install it into your Google Slides. 

With the Add-on, you can create custom materials or use with students for engaging learning activities. Great for remote learning or on an interactive white board, the play tools add extra fun to learning.  For more information on how to open LessonPix PowerPoint downloads into Slides, Check out this video:


What can you do with Google Slides Add-on?

Like PowerPoint, Google Slides lets you organize lesson content as well as facilitate open-ended learning. Check out this article on 10 simple tips for PowerPoint that shows ways to use PowerPoint (and Slides) in teaching and therapy.

Here are some examples of using Slide th the Add-on feature. Here the student wrote his story about what he had learned about armadillos. We loaded the tray with symbols for the lesson, or you can search or browse for clip art. 


Our next writing activity involved using story starters to tell about a character, what he liked, and where he was located. We used the dice in the Play Tools. From here we can expand our story further. 


Here is an "Artic Trials" material downloaded as powerpoint file and imported into Google Slides. Using the LessonPix Add-on, we can use this for visual scanning practice in addition to articularion practice and turn this into a fun game. 


For more AMAZING ideas, check out this fabulous LessonPix Live Video!


So many possibilities!!  Have fun learning and playing together!