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Personalized Books for Artic, Language and Social Skills.


The new school year brings many challenges and novel situations for children.  All children benefit from knowing what to expect during emergency drills, how to interact appropriately with others and how to deal with their ever changing emotions. 


Using the books and stories template, you can easily create your own specialized social narratives for any situation, using real photos sent to your account via your device, and/or our LessonPix images. Here are some ideas for therapists to support their students using the books and stories template:  

  • Create simple “instruction” books for speech sound placement and production.
  • Email photos of child engaged in a variety of activities to your LessonPix email, create a personalized book to use in therapy and to send home.
  • Target "I" or present progressive tense... "I am coloring, I am sliding" or past tense "Yesterday, I colored".
  • Create a story specific to the home behavior (like getting dressed, going on elevators, going to restaurants, etc).


Here are a few samples that our users have shared on the sharing center:


Fire drill social narrative - klofland50


Stay in your bubble - gofrogs_slp


When I get Angry - fofrogs_slp


I will keep my swear words in my head - bhiegel

Choose the images you want to use and click or drag to the tray. Choose “Books and Stories” under materials and in the next frame you type your sentences to go with each picture. When you are finished, choose the page size you’d like and print.