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Artic Practice with Dice and Graphs


One of my favorite repetitive practice games the kids love, is the roll the dice graph.  Choose six target words and create a custom die or print 6 pictures to insert in foam die pockets.  Print the same six pictures in the graphing template with lines.


The kids take turns rolling the die, naming the image and coloring one section of the graph above that image.  After 15-20 turns each, the kids analyze the graph to determine which image they rolled the most, the least, etc.


They don’t even realize they have practiced target words or vocabulary that many times, and have engaged in math, turn taking and fine motor activities as well!


Initial k graph - theresaruth


Here is a matching die that you can fold, roll, and graph: 



Alternatives for graphing activity:

Hide items or picture cards in sand and kids graph what they find


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