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Unlimited Materials

Create as many custom materials as you’d like with no watermarks or other limitations

60,000+ Symbols

Huge library of scalable images to create materials for use in other projects within your classroom or practice

Training & Support

Free initial training to all groups of 25 or more. Great customer support and monthly professional development webinars for everyone

Yes, Your Team Will Prefer LessonPix!

I really enjoy the Sharing Center. Being able to tap into the collective minds of other SLPs and utilize some of the products that they’ve created and shared is invaluable.
LessonPix is easily one of the most valuable assets to my therapy room.

-Mary Huston
North Dakota

I love LessonPix. I can access it on my phone, my tablet or my desktop, anywhere I go. It’s a great experience to be able to customize and make kids feel like the materials are specialized for them. Parents and students think that I spend lots of time trying to individualize their materials when in fact I only spent 5 or 10 minutes creating the materials in LessonPix.

-Katie Millican

The best part of LessonPix is the people behind it. You can ask them for a target picture, a new game format, add feature or changes feature. They do it for us without any fuss, really quickly. They keep adding more and making it easier and better all the time.

-Tanya Coyle
Ontario, CA

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