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LessonPix generates GoTalkĀ® Templates Calendar Cards for Classroom Use Custom Playing Cards in Seconds Puzzle Piece Number Cards Checklist Picture Schedules Making Bingo Games is Easy with LessonPix Picture Cards on the Go Dominoes are easy to make with our Wizard Make your Word Wall look Great Beginning Middle and End Cards Picture Cards are great for lots of uses Sorting Mats teach early math skills Create A-B and other Pattern Strips Occupational Therapists love our Cutting Pages Special Education teachers use our Picture Cards for Assessments Kids love Lacing Cards and its great for their fine motor development Create Coloring sheets for any of our 30,000 symbols First-Then boards are great for keeping kids on task
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Unique and Powerful Language Tools

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  3. LetterFinder - Letter of the Week and more
  4. PatternFinder - Sound patterns like CVC, etc.
  5. Rhymes With - Find Rhymes with Ease
  6. Keyword Search - Find any subject
Our SoundFinder searches for words by sound Find words the differ by one sound!

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LessonPix is founded by a teacher and a developer. Together they created a affordable resource to promote early learning and communication for all learners.

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