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Sharing LessonPix Materials

Members of LessonPix are always welcome to share printed materials with their students, fellow teachers and colleagues.  However, to maintain the value of our library, electronic distribution rights are not included in the standard membership fees.

This means that sharing exported images, generated PDF materials, or derived works over the internet is prohibited.


Why do we limit electronic distribution?

There are unfortunately many easy ways for our members to dilute the value of our library, both intentionally and inadvertently.  For example, users could generate picture cards for entire categories and sell them.  Or, they could just post them freely on various sites: this would be less malicious, but would still result in our images being distributed without any way for us to receive compensation.

After all, LessonPix is not a charity or non-profit: we aim to "do well by doing good!"

Therefore, we limit distribution to educational or therapy use within an organization and prohibit electronic redistribution of any kind.


"How do other sites & companies solve this?"

Many similar sites have chosen to distribute their images in a proprietary format (such as BoardMaker's .bm files) or limit the software you can use to edit their pictures. 

We have specifically chosen to give as much freedom to our members to use any tools they like: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, etc can all accept our exported pictures.  We love the creativity this gives our members and we're thrilled to make it possible.


"But I'm trying to help!  And I'm a good guy!"

We understand that there are times when sharing is a very good thing, both for our members and for LessonPix.  For example, several influential bloggers would like to share things they generated with their audience.  With proper attribution and references, and done in moderation, this is a great source of traffic and referral for us!

Other members may want to distribute a small subset of LessonPix images commercially in a way that does not significantly dilute our libary's value.  In those cases, we would like to be able to do business with them.


Our Solution: Ask First!

To solve this problem, we have created the LessonPix Limited Distribution License.  If you have a great use for LessonPix images, or if you would like to distribute a limited number of materials on your blog, facebook page, mailing list or website please contact us at or via our Contact Page

We will gladly get back to you with specific terms, any fees that are needed (if any) for your use and a badge for you to use to show that you're in compliance with our license terms.

Thank you, and we look forward to working with you!