3 Ways to Make More Complex Schedules

The "Picture Schedule" templates provide a variety of simple templates with 1-10 pictures. This article will show how to make a schedule longer than 10 symbols and other creative ways to make custom schedules.

6 Activities to Support Executive Functioning

Here are 6 activities to support executive functioning skills. Executive function is a set of mental skills that include working memory, flexible thinking, and self-control.

7 Ways to Support Social Skills and Self-Regulation

Social skills are the skills we use to communicate and interact with each other, both verbally and non-verbally, through gestures, body language and our personal appearance. Self-Regulation refers to how we handle our emotions and body in tough situations. Here are some ways to promote social skills and self-regulation with examples from the LessonPix Sharing Center.

9 Ways Speech Language Pathologists Love LessonPix

LessonPix offers a wide variety of resources and tools for all areas of intervention for speech and language pathology.

Adapted Board Games

Easy adaptations to customize popular board games for a variety of therapy targets.

Artic Cards & Activities

The Sharing center contains a wealth of activities to use for articulation therapy.

Behavior, Social Skills, and Counseling with LessonPix

Many children need support with managing feelings and emotions within themselves and others. There are many different professionals who can help a struggling child, including psychologists, teachers, behavior therapists, occupational therapists, counselors, etc.

Braille Symbols in LessonPix

LessonPix includes Braille symbols for creating activities to teach the braille alphabet.

Card Deck Fun

Customize card decks for articulation and language.

Fine Motor Pratice with Lacing Cards

Lacing Cards are a favorite of both boys and girls in Early Childhood and are a great tool for Fine Motor practice at any age. Make them easily with LessonPix!

Five Minute Snowman Games for SLPs

Go-To simple card draw games for use in small group speech/language therapy.

Funtastic Frog and Fly Activity

Fun frog and fly themed activity to promote articulation and phonological awareness practice.

Handwriting Skills with LessonPix

LessonPix has a variety of templates that anyone can use to create activities that help students develop and improve handwriting skills.

Listening for Initial and Final Sounds with Clothespin Cards

Target OT and Speech with Clothespin Literacy Cards!

Making Social Skills Comic Strips with PowerPoint

Turn your social narratives into social skills comic strips using these template starters in PowerPoint.

Making your own Prepositional Images

Creating your own adorable prepositional images with the Symbol Builder tool.

Memory Games in Therapy Sessions

Therapists can create a custom Memory Game to use for therapy sessions or home practice.

Occupational Therapy

When children show delays, occupational therapists are often the first called in and LessonPix can help.

Personalized Books for Artic, Language and Social Skills.

Quickly and easily create books to target social skills, articulation targets, and language skills.

Phonological Awareness FUN

Engaging tools for Syllable Awareness, Rhyming and Compound Word practice.

Physical Therapy with LessonPix

LessonPix provides an online resource where physical therapists can customize materials for their clients. With its easy-to-use interface, PTs can quickly develop visual schedules, customize therapy activities, promote an inclusive environment, and optimize results. Check out these activities to support therapy using both printed and online materials.

Position Pete

Position Pete is one character who teaches positional words. He can be found on over, in, out, or through a box. It's fun and easy to play with prepositions using Pete in cards games, obstacles courses, Bingo, or Simon Says.

Practice Plurals and Verb Tense with Magic Index Cards

Create a variety of index cards for speech and language practice in minutes.

Pronoun Patty

Pronoun Patty is one character who teaches various pronouns. Use patty to teach, practice, and play with different pronouns.

Recipes with LessonPix Templates

This article provides examples of visual recipes made with a variety of LessonPix templates.

Recipe Templates using LessonPix and Microsoft Word

Visual Recipes are easily created using these starter templates in Microsoft Word.

Roll the Dice!

Roll and Say games are versatile, unpredictable and great fun!

Self-Help Skills

Self-help skills, including independence in feeding, toileting, dressing and hygiene tasks are important for individuals of all ages and levels of development. Visual supports can serve as a reminder for the steps in a task, provide individuals with a means of communication during self-care, or provide prompts needed to engage in a task.

Shared Story Grammar

Using Story Grammar Guides from our share site for Braidy The StoryBraid Doll

Speech and Language Fun with Graphs

Fun speech and language activity that incorporates fine motor and math.

Speech Therapy Activities

Speech therapy activities address articulation, fluency, and voice. Here are some examples how LessonPix can help make your speech sessions individualized and powerful.

Spring Eggs-stravaganza

Use themed egg template for a variety of fun Spring articulation and language activities.

Supporting Fine and Gross Motor Development

Utilize visuals to support both fine motor and gross motor skills. Difficulties with motor skills impact student in different ways such as overall health, attention, literacy, and self-esteem.

Supporting Sensory Processing Skills

Providing a range of sensory opportunities that can be sensory alerting and/or calming helps individuals regulate the information coming in through their senses. This article takes a look at how LessonPix can help.

Supporting Visual-Perceptual Skills

Visual perceptual skills encompass a broad set of abilities including visual discrimination, visual memory, closure, and visual-motor coordination. Learn how LessonPix can help support Visual Perceptual Skills.

Telepractice With LessonPix

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, therapists and teachers must learn to adapt their methods to virtual settings. Working with students through technology presents completely different sets of challenges.

Universal Core Vocabulary from Project Core

LessonPix is proud to partner with the UNC Project Core team to provide these Universal Core boards. These communication boards feature the 36 most critical core words that everyone should have access to.

Visual Strategies for Students who are Deaf or Have Hearing Impairments

Students who are Deaf or hard of hearing (DHH) need a variety of strategies to access the curriculum, as they rely more on their eyes to access the world. Visual attention strategies are essential for getting and maintaining joint attention, for communication in social interactions, and for making connections between meanings and printed words.