5 Minute Snowman Games for SLPs

Go-To simple card draw games for use in small group speech/language therapy.

Adapted Board Games

Easy adaptations to customize popular board games for a variety of therapy targets.

Artic Cards & Activities

The Sharing center contains a wealth of activities to use for articulation therapy.

Card Deck Fun

Customize card decks for articulation and language.

Fine Motor Pratice with Lacing Cards

Lacing Cards are a favorite of both boys and girls in Early Childhood and are a great tool for Fine Motor practice at any age. Make them easily with LessonPix!

Funtastic Frog and Fly Activity

Fun frog and fly themed activity to promote articulation and phonological awareness practice.

Listening for Initial and Final Sounds with Clothespin Cards

Target OT and Speech with Clothespin Literacy Cards!

Making your own Prepositional Images

Creating your own adorable prepositional images with the Symbol Builder tool.

Memory Games in Therapy Sessions

Therapists can create a custom Memory Game to use for therapy sessions or home practice.

Personalized Books for Artic, Language and Social Skills.

Quickly and easily create books to target social skills, articulation targets, and language skills.

Phonological Awareness FUN

Engaging tools for Syllable Awareness, Rhyming and Compound Word practice.

Position Pete

Position Pete is one character who teaches positional words. He can be found on over, in, out, or through a box. It's fun and easy to play with prepositions using Pete in cards games, obstacles courses, Bingo, or Simon Says.

Practice Plurals and Verb Tense with Magic Index Cards

Create a variety of index cards for speech and language practice in minutes.

Pronoun Patty

Pronoun Patty is one character who teaches various pronouns. Use patty to teach, practice, and play with different pronouns.

Roll the Dice!

Roll and Say games are versatile, unpredictable and great fun!

Shared Story Grammar

Using Story Grammar Guides from our share site for Braidy The StoryBraid Doll

Speech and Language Fun with Graphs

Fun speech and language activity that incorporates fine motor and math.

Speech Therapy Activities

Speech therapy activities address articulation, fluency, and voice. Here are some examples how LessonPix can help make your speech sessions individualized and powerful.

Spring Eggs-stravaganza

Use themed egg template for a variety of fun Spring articulation and language activities.