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Kids' Activities for Weddings

When planning a wedding, consider including special treats and activities for children. Place a gift bag per child at the kids' table with special treats and activities. Items may include small toys, matchbox cars, stuffed animals, cookies, snacks, small books, crayons and coloring books, and more. You can also place games and activities on the kids' table to help keep them busy. 

LessonPix has so many printable activities for your next celebration. For added fun, personalize with photos. Here are some ideas and ready-to-use LessonPix activities to include: 


Bingo Game

Make a wedding Bingo game with photos of the bridal party or family members. 


Color Pages

Include coloring pages and crayons on the kids' table or in their gift bags.



Find the Picture

Here is an activity to find the items before the wedding. Print in color, (Use Staples for vibrant colors). Or print in black and white to let the kids color. 




Include ready-made puppets of the brind and groom or include scissors and glue to let the kids make them. 



Kids (and adults) can write a note on a postcard for the bride and groom. 



Find the Match

Match the wedding items that go together. (Include photos of bride and groom for added fun.) 

Cut out the shapes and place on the table for a fun memory matching game. 




Print a variety of mazes for young kids to solve and color. Include photos for added fun

Here are some ready-to-print generic wedding mazes. 



Congrats to the couple and have fun!

Special thanks to Deborah Schwind for this great idea!