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Making Original Theme Birthday Party Games 


For Halloween, my niece requested to dress as her favorite thing - a dinosaur princess. Her mother found a dinosaur costume and added a tiarra and tutu....  My niece was so proud! So for her 5th birthday, she asked for a "dinosaur princess" theme birthday party. Stores carry many dinosaur party items and princess party items...just not together.

My sister spent a lot of time working on the theme birthday party with games and items to combine a dinosaur and princess. She painstakingly hand-made bingo cards with dinosaur and princess clip art - rearranging pictures taped on the board and photocopying them one-by-one. She also made picture cards for a musical chairs game, handed out coloring pages from different dinosaur and princess coloring books, and made a "pin the crown on the dinosaur game". It was a theme birthday party to remember and my niece was thrilled!

Sometimes creating a requested theme birthday party for your child can be a challenge and take some creativity. is a great website that allows users to create custom materials for many purposes. If she used, she could have selected dinosaur and princess pictures to make bingo cards in seconds. She could print many custom materials for many great party ideas for my niece's themed birthday party.  

  1. Coloring Pages
  2. Custom Bingo Cards
  3. Picture Cards for Memory Games
  4. Picture Cards for Placemats and decorations
  5. Musical Pictures

For Classroom fun, Birthday certificates commemorate a child's birthday. Here is a certiciate: just fill in the name and go.