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Denver, CO (Apr.11, 2012) – ProxTalker.com LLC, manufacturers and distributors of the LOGAN® PROXTALKER® communication device and the LOGAN® BrailleCoach™ Braille teaching device, has partnered with LessonPix.com to provide custom SoundTags™ using their library of 10,000 [update: now 30,000+] symbols.  The partnership will be formally launched today at the CEC 2012 Convention and Expo in Denver, CO.

"The beauty of the LOGAN® PROXTALKER® device is that it works out of the box with no initial programming as 80 SoundTags™ with images are included with each purchase.”, said Chris McCann, U.S. Sales Account Manager for ProxTalker.com.   “An added bonus is that our customers can create new SoundTags™ using our blank SoundTags™ by recording a sound on the tags and then printing an image on our tag sticker sheets to be placed on the blank tag.  This allows the device to be customized to the user as opposed to the user to the device.”

The new partnership with LessonPix.com provides easy access to over 10,000 [update: now 30,000+] high-quality symbols and a simple web-based wizard to create the SoundTags™ labels quickly and easily.  The SoundTag™ template will be included in the core LessonPix subscription which also includes learning games, symbols cards and many other visuals.

“It’s been clear since we started LessonPix.com that the AAC device market was a great fit for our symbols and we’re thrilled to announced that the LOGAN® PROXTALKER® will be the first AAC device we support,” said Bill Binko, vice president and founder of LessonPix.com.  “When we first saw the product at the CEC DADD conference in Miami, it was clear that this was a device that went beyond talking pictures—it was solid, had physical tokens to build sentences, and looked like it would survive anything thrown at it.  We think it’s great that owners of these wonderful products will be using our pictures to help communicate!”

The agreement adds yet another option for LOGAN® PROXTALKER® users: "We now have four providers of symbols and images that allow our customers multiple options to make custom SoundTags™ to use for communication and teaching," said Chris McCann, U.S. Sales Account Manager for ProxTalker.com.  “We have partnered with LessonPix.com due to the very low cost to our customer, the great ever-growing symbol library and the ease of use.  We have been working closely with LessonPix.com over the past couple of months and it has been a pleasure.  To kick off this partnership, we are including a coupon in each LOGAN® PROXTALKER® device purchased between April 15th and May 15th that allows our customers to receive discounted access to LessonPix.com.”

About ProxTalker, LLC

ProxTalker.com an American company based in Waterbury Connecticut, USA.

ProxTalker.com was founded by Glen Dobbs in 2007 to design, manufacture and distribute the LOGAN® PROXTALKER® which he designed with his friend and colleague Kevin Miller. Glen and Kevin had the original idea to help Logan, Glen’s son who has autism, to achieve verbal output.

Ideas which started on table napkins are now a fully fledged AAC device which is being well received worldwide for its ease of use and robust design.

Since then, ProxTalker.com’s customers have brought the company into the world of Braille teaching, with the invention of the LOGAN® BrailleCoach™ and the use of its technology to help a variety of people with various communication disabilities in addition to autism.

About LessonPix, Inc.

Founded in 2009, LessonPix provides online visuals and materials for teachers, parents, therapists and speech-language pathologist (SLPs) with an ever-growing library of original high-quality scalable artwork (currently over 10,000 [update: now 30,000+] symbols) and powerful tools to leverage them in the classroom and home.  Their unique SoundFinder and its related tools provide SLPs with the ability to easily "Search by Sounds not Letters" and make games, materials, and now AAC overlays and labels to support their therapy goals.

For More Information Contact:

Chris McCann, U.S. Sales Account Manager, ProxTalker.com, LLC

(203) 721-6074




Bill Binko, VP LessonPix, Inc. (727) 437-2465