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Gingerbread Man Theme Templates


Run, Run, as fast as you can. You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man! - famous last words by an arrogant cookie!

The Gingerbread man is a fun and motivating theme with many possible related learning activities.There are many versions of this famous fairy tale. Students may compare the different versions and even write a completely new ending. This is a great theme for the beginning of the year for getting to know you or to use during the Christmas Holidays.

LessonPix has so many Gingerbread Themed Templates. Customize your own activities easily and have fun learning! 

Game Board Template: 


Bingo Dauber Template


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In addition to themed templates - there are many fun activities using general templates in the Sharing Center. (Just search for Gingerbread!)



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Book Study: This delicious fairy tale has many versions. Read and compare different versions looking at the differences in characters, illustrations, and ending. 

There are also many fun sequel versions such as: The Gingerbread GirlGingerbread Man Loose in the SchoolGingerbread Friends, and The Gingerbread Cowboy

Have a sweet time learning together!