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LessonPix: The Smart Alternative to Boardmaker® Software

LessonPix is an online resource to create custom materials for the learning, communication and behavior.  Since the Boardmaker software also addresses the same problem, we're often asked how the two stack up.

While we're certainly not the most objective judges, it's hard to dispute that is now a legitimate alternative to all of the Boardmaker software products.  


LessonPix is...


  • Only $36.00 per user for a full year's access
  • Discounts available for Group Licenses

Easy to Use:

Available Anywhere:

  • Our Cloud Delivery model means each user can access their account from any PC, Mac, iPad or other device.
  • Connect from anywhere on the internet.  
  • There is no CD to lose, no software to install, and it is always up-to-date.
  • Mobile version user-friendly from your phone


Feature Comparison

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"Boardmaker requires installation that ties an SLP down. I love that I can access LessonPix from anywhere, anytime I need materials."

-Katie M., MEd SLP, Alaska

"I Love LessonPix because it is easier to use than Boardmaker. I don't need a CD to use it and I can import the images easily into other documents. LessonPix does everything that I need for my therapy sessions."

-Mary H. MS, CCC-SLP, North Dakota



Is LessonPix a better alternative to Boardmaker® software for your group?

Not everyone will benefit from switching, but if you're looking to reduce your costs and save hours of time making materials, we're worth a look: thousands of users in over 56 countries have, and they love it!

Want to find out if your group is a good candidate? Contact our Licensing Specialists for a detailed assessment, estimate, and relevant references from groups just like yours who have switched to for their visuals and symbol needs.

Call us today at (727) 437-2465 or email for more details.

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