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Core Vocabulary

Are you just learning of core vocabulary or an expert trying to find new ideas to increase core modeling? Here are resources that may help. 

Core Boards

There are many types of core boards. You may start with a large or small board, depending on the needs of your students and your comfort level. 

Here are many examples of different core boards. 


Core Vocabulary Planning Resources:

  • Here is a blank Core Model Plan used to plan and communicate target core words taught during a specific activity. 
  • Here is a sample Core Modeling Plan for an activity where students build a bridge to help the Gingerbread Man cross the river. 
  • Here is a blank planning map used for planning and communicating target core words used throughout an early childhood classroom during a unit of study. 
  • Here is a planning map with ideas of many core phrases used within all areas of an early childhood classroom. A teacher may select a few words that work well with a unit of study (the farm, community helpers, etc.) and fill in the blank form. Great for communicating target core words to team members (paras, therapists, etc). 
  • Here is a planning guide fore times of the school day to plan for Aided Language Input


Label the room with Core

Rather than labeling the room with only nouns, add core in sentence strips such as "look out window", "open door", "Turn on lights", "get a drink", etc. 

 Sentence Strips to cut and label room


Great Ideas with Core Vocabulary:

  • Go on a Nature Hike; This is a great activity with less opportunities to say "I want" and more opportunities to comment: "Look!", "I see...", "It's over there", "Let's go see what it is!", etc. 
  • Play board games like Hi-Ho-Cherry-Oh. Model core words: "My turn", "I go", "Do you have it?", "I like it", "play again", etc. 
  •    Book with Core words (put) and Clothes. 
  •    January Core Words Book using Unity Symbols
  •    I can say "yes" book
  •    I Have Who Has game with core
  • Phil'Up Chuck at Language Lab: This distasteful game is an appealing game for kids who love bodily functions; and what fun we could have!  Great article by Ryan Knoblauch that shows how to embed core in a fun game. His strategies can be applied to many games, but Phil'Up Chuck may win the prize. 
  • Core Word Starter Lesson Plans - at Language Lab
  • Core Word of the Week - by Jenna Rayburn Kurk. Good ideas for Core around the room. 


Early Childhood with Core


Learn about Core Vocabulary: