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Using Visuals to Follow Directions


Time to teach a lesson.... what is my objective? People process visual information 60,000 times faster than text and 81% of all human communication is visual. Visuals make your information more intertesting and easy to process. The bottom line: use visuals in your lesson. 

This article will provide different types to visuals to follow directions in building a ladybug. 


Let's make a Lego Ladybug. 

Getting ready: 


Materials. For this lesson you will need: 

  • 6 red 1x4 (standard)
  • 6 black 1x4 (standard)
  • 5 red 2x6 (thin)
  • 1 red 2x2 (standard)
  • 1 black 1x2 (thin)
  • 1 black corner 1x2 (top) and 2x2 (side)
  • 2 eyes 1x1 (thin)
  • 2 antennae 1x1
  • 6 dots 1x1 (thin)
  • 6 cone feet 1x1 (standard)


Let's get building.

Here are different directions to build your ladybug. 

1: Using "I am Working For" Template with steps

2: Using "Themed Picture Cards" to follow sequence. (Punch hole and place on a ring in order) 


3: Use Books and Stories Template to build. 


4: Using "Picture Cards" with no words, only numbers


5: Using "Picture Schedule"  / "Numbered Schedule" with the sequence in more detail. 


6: Text only Directions


Now you have a beautiful Ladybug! What else can you create? Can you make your own directions for it?