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Science Center Items

A science center, or "discovery center", contains items that foster discovery, hypothesis, observation, and using the 5 senses. It may include Earth Sciences (ie: physics, chemistry, rocks, space), Life Sciences (ie: plants, animals, parts of the body), or Social Sciences (ie: communities, maps, relationships). Some items may be seasonal such as leaves and pumpkins in the fall, plants and seeds in the spring. Keep the science center fresh by introducing new items regularly and by playing in the center modeling and questioning to spark interests.

LessonPix members can create visuals to support activities in the science center. Some examples include: 



Here is a list of various items that may be included or rotated in a science center:


Themed Unit Boxes Science Books Geoboards
Tweezers / Tongs Magnets Squishy Balls (stress toys)
Tongue depressors Pictures of various science items Small Plastic Animals
View Masters Color Paddles Kelidoscopes
Binoculars Balance Scale Prisms
Magnifying glasses Clip board Pencils
Various Rocks Coins / Coin rubbings Crayons
Crystals Plastic Bugs Gyroscopes
Life Cycle sets Pinecones Pumpkins
Tops Various textures Etch-a-Sketch
Color boxes Paint Samples for matching MagnaDoodle
Flashlights Rulers Light Bright
Cotton Balls Feathers Color Matching Games
Board Games Droppers Seashells
Plastic Dinosaurs Sorting Games Matching Games
Leaves Fishing Worms Measuring Cups
Simple Machines- Pulley, ramp, etc. Sensory Boxes (sand, water, rice) Fishing weights
Clothespins String Tape Measure
Unifix Cubes Bug Specimens Smell Boxes / bottles
Scratch and sniff sticker book Texture Book Oil / water Jar
Sound shakers Aquarium Water Bottles filled with items
Safety Goggles Gloves Plastic Test Tubes
Bug Magnifying Jar Toothpicks Maget Gyro Wheels
Sorting Mats Graphing Mats Rubix Cubes
Back Massager (Vibrates) Globe Maps
Ice Hot water Bottle Thermometers
Tornado Feely Box Seeds / Seed sorting
Fruits and Vegetables Greenhouse Plants
3-D Pin Toy Stencils 2-D and 3-D Shapes
Buttons Bells Hand-held Electric fan
Science Posters Lotions (Different scents) Plastic Eggs with items inside
Magnet fishing poles kits Computer Lego Gears
Gear play sets Circuit boards Legos
Kinex sets 2 Cups connected with string Flowers in different colored water
Science Experiment Kits Box of Hay Sample materials (wood, metal, plastic)
Flowers Microscope Marbles
Picture card prompts Questions / Questions sentences Individual Science Journals