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Science Center

This center can be one of the most versatile centers with items frequently changed based on thematic units and classroom lessons. Some standard items in the science center include scale, microscope, magazines, photo flash cards (animals, plants), magnets, shells, rocks, and sensory toys.

Attribute Containers

Use clear containers to fill with items. Label with descriptions: more, less, big, little, same, and different.

How Does It Feel?

Put items in a feely bag. Have the students reach in the bag and feel  the item. Ask them to describe th eobject and guess what it is. Pull the item out and place on the mat on the corresponding the attribute. 

Does It Go Up or Down?

Science Experiment: Make a sorting mat to ask “What does it do?” “Go up” or “go down”? Use the mat while experimenting – does it float or sink? When tied to a balloon, does it rise or fall? Using a bucket scale with a weight on one side (ie rock) and place objects in other bucket to see if it stays up or ges down.

What Do You See?

Attach the word “see” on a magnifying glass. Have the students look through a busy jungle poster, science book, or science magazine to point to what they see. (“I see a ….”) More fun - Place pictures of items in the busy picture in a fringe tab and have the students search for the picture.  


Here are some materials from the sharing center for science exploration:


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