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My Friends Bingo

Bingo Games made with Photos

As a "Getting-to-Know-You" activity for the beginning of the school year, our class enjoys playing "My Friends Bingo". This bingo games is made with the students' photos. Children love seeing their own photo in the game and learn their new friends' names as we play this fun game in a full or small group lesson. LessonPix offers users the ability to create all of their learning materials and games using your own photos or clip art.

To create a Photo Bingo game, begin on the "Your LessonPix" Tab and scroll down to "Manage Your Photos". Here you can see the choice to upload photos from your computer or e-mail (ie: from your smartphone). Your photo will show in the list of "Your Uploaded Photos" with a yellow word "mine" in the corner. This "mine" does not show in any of the materials, but does show on the screen to note it can only be seen in your account. No other user can see your photos. 

Once your photo is in the list, use the + sign to add them to "Your Tray". When you have all the pictures you need, click "Create Materials" button on top of the tray, select "Bingo", and follow the wizard.

Once you have created your bingo cards, print them and laminate if you'd like. They are great for a lesson activity and placing in a learning center. This is a fun "getting to know you" game.

This activity is also wonderful at family reunions, birthday parties, in therapy with children with autism, and for grandparents with dementia to play with grandchildren. 

If you like this idea, playing cards, dominoes, and memory games are also fun games to use the children's photos.

Have fun.