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Math Manipulatives / Table Toys with Core Vocabulary

This center contains numerous toys that promote basic math skills such as counting, patterning, sorting, and geometry. It would include manipulatives such as unifix cubes, counting bears, pattern blocks, math mats, nesting cups, pegs, and pegboards. Legos, Board Games, and Puzzles also fit well into this center.

Hi Ho Cherry Oh

Play Hi-Ho-Cherry-Oh. Make playing cards to draw from a pile rather than using the spinner. The playing cards include core words: Take 2, Give 1 away, Put 2 on, etc.



Play dominoes using Core Words. Focus on modeling "my turn" and "your turn" during the game. 


Peg and PegBoard Game

Make dice with Core words and numbers to use with a pegboard and pegs. Two students take turns rolling the dice. The dice will reveal how many pegs to put in or take out. The first to fill the board wins!



Here are some materials from the sharing center for math:


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