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Memory Game for Teachers

Using, Teachers can easily create fun Memory Games using pictures that you selelct. It is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

  1. Select the pictures you want for your game and press the "Create Materials" button.
  2. Follow the wizard beginning by selecting, "Picture Cards".
  3. Print 2 copies of your picture cards.

When printing your picture cards, you may choose to print them on cardstock or index paper or laminate the cards so they will last.

You can create various themed memory cards to teach lessons, use characters from a story, utilize the interests of the children, or promote language skills. For example, if you are teaching a unit about insects, you can easily select various pictures of insect pictures for Memory Game cards. If your class is learning about the letter M, select pictures that start with "M" like mouse, mitt, and mouth. You can create pictures that rhyme ("-at" words), in a category (ie: shapes, food, or clothing), or upload your own pictures of the students (great "getting to know you" activitiy). You can create the Memory Games you want - easily and with no wait!


How to Play:

(2-4 players)

  1. Using pairs of matching picture cards of each picture, lay the cards face down on a table or flat surface.
  2. The 1st player begins the game by turning over 1 card and saying the picture on the card.
  3. Then the 1st player turns over a second card, names the picture, and determines if they match. If they match, player 1 keeps the pair of cards. If they do not match, the first player turns the cards back over.
  4. The remaining players each take a turn looking for pairs of picture cards. The players should pay close attention to where the cards are  when a player does not get a match. 
  5. The player at the end of the game with the most matches wins!