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Storybook Lessons that Focus on Core Vocabulary


Question: Are there any children's books that focus on core vocabulary?

Answer: Yes! All of them!

Here are some wonderful children's books that show repeating Core Vocabulary. Check out these ideas..... 


Where Do Pants Go?

Author:  Rebecca Van Slyke

Focus Core Words: Where, Do / Does, Go / Goes, No, On

This a great book that asks questions about where clothing would go. "Where does underwear go? On your chest? No. On your head? No. Underwear goes on your bottom."

1st read: While reading this book, have students answer questions as yes or no. Laugh together as you read about the kids dressing. 

2nd read: Reread story. This time omit a target core word as you read. For example, omit "go" and wait for students to say or point to the missing word.  "Where does hat.....?"

3rd read: Introduce fringe vocabulary and play matching games to label and categorize clothes and body parts. Point to finge as you read or answer comprehension questions by showing corresponding picture card. 

4th read: Use core and fringe to read parts of the book together. For example: have student ask question and teacher can answer following the text in the book. 

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Can I Play Too? 

Author: Mo Willems

Focus Core Words: Can, I Play, More, Friends

This is a great book to use in early discussions of diversity / inclusion. Snake can't play like the others, but how can they include him? This book is filled with comprehension teaching opportunities such as perspective, empathy, problem solving, feelings, and inferencing.  

Before reading: Talk about how we are all the same and different. Look at the title and the cover picture. What do you think this story would be about?

Discussion: Did you ever want to play with someone? How do you ask someone to play? Role play and practice. Use visuals to help.  

As You Read: Stop and bookmark the book to discuss what happened. Ask students to infer what may happen next. Look at feelings of different characters throughout the story. 

After the story: Role play using puppets and stuffed animal snake. Have fun! 

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