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Math Materials in LessonPix

Visuals and Learning games are powerful learning tools for all areas of the curriculum, and math is no exception.

Early childhood math curriculum begins with objects to feel and manipulate, view in three dimensions, group, and compare. At students begin to form sets and patterns, visuals help translate the objects into two-dimensional thinking.  Math Mats are a beginning visual to sort objects into groups and compare two or more sets. 

As students gain foundational skills, visuals continue to support new learning as well as cement prior knowledge for a solid foundation. Teacher-facilitated learning games such as bingo, board games, and card games can be used to teach new math vocabulary in social ways, allowing for deeper questioning and discussions.

Here are some examples of Math Visuals found in our Sharing Center.  

1. Match 3-D Shapes:  Here are Tab and Flap Cards with 3 dimensional shapes. Place these cards on a ring and put in a container with similar shape objects. Students can look at a card and find an object that matches. 


2. Shapes and Patterns



3. Match items to numerals: Students can count the pictures of items and match to the corresponding numeral. For added support, match small objects on pictures to teach 1 to 1 correspondence and then match to numerals.   



4. Money Sense: 



5. Time Concepts: 



6. More Math Visuals: 



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