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Large Picture with Small Pictures


This material, although hard to name, is a simple and yet versatile worksheet. It has a large picture and several small pictures underneath that a student can cut and glue on to the big picture.

For example, the big picture may be a theme such as a pumpkin, Christmas tree, or Easter egg. It would be the first picture in the tray. The smaller pictures would correspond to the learning objective such as P words, words that rhyme with tree, stages of a butterfly, or chatacters from a story read. The teacher / therapist may choose to include nonexample for students to sort. 


Here are some examples:  

1. Objective: Select pictures that start with S

Big Picture: Sleigh

Small Pictures: Stocking, Santa, Sailboat, Sack, Scarf, and a Skate


2. Objective: Select pictures that rhyme with cat

Big Picture: Cat

Small Pictures: Bat, Hat, Fat, Mat, Tree, Car, Dog



3. Objective: Select things a firefighter uses

Big Picture: Firefighter

Small Pictures: Hose, Hydrant, Firetruck, Hat, Oxygen Tank, Flower, Train, and Snake


4. Objective: Glue on the animals from the story, The Mitten

Big Picture: Mitten

Small Pictures: Rabbit, Mole, Badger, Hedgehog, Fox, Owl, Bear, and Mouse


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