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Themed Picture Cards

Themed Picture Cards Templates make 6 picture cards on a theme. These simple and fun visuals are great for bulletin board, holiday activities, and units of study. 

Here are just a few ideas from the Sharing Center to use themed picture cards template. 

1. A Words


2. Final /L/ Football Game


3. February Feelings Groundhog Memory Game (Print 2 copies)


4. Story Vocabulary Review and Match in Book


5. Language Building Scavenger Hunt


Check out these different themes: acorn, apples, balls, baseball, basketball, beachball, beehive, bunny, campers, dreidel, dinosaur, eggs, feathers, football, fish, frog, gifts, gingerbread, hay, hearts, leaf, ladybug, lights, mermaid, mittens, net, ornament, phone, popsicles, pumpkin, ornament, shamrock, sheep, soccer, snowman, tent, train, trees, trucks, turkeys, turtle, and web.