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Game Spinners

The spinner template prints a circle with pictures and an arrow to cut and place on top. The spinner has 2 options: Dynamic and Classic. 

  • Classic: This is the original options. Spinners are one of the first templates offered at LessonPix. If you need to recreate an older spinner to look identical - use this option. It allows 2-6 slices. 
  • Dynamic: This tab allows users to create a spinner with unlimited slices and pastel or custom background colors. 

Once you print the .pdf file, attach the arrow to the middle of the spinner using a brad fasteners.  It works best to laminate the arrow and spinner and/or print on cardstock. You may also purchase plastic spinner arrows here to attach to the spinner.

See how to make a spinner here:  


Spinners are a great teaching tool for many lessons and activities. Here are a few ideas:

  • Story prompt: spin the spinner to find a theme / character to write or act out a story
  • Fair turn: place student photos and names and spin to see whose turn will be next
  • Choosing an Activity
  • Playing a Game: Great for use with our gameboards, adapt a commercial game, or create your own game
  • Demonstrate Probability in early statistics
  • Determine movements within an obstacle course: crawl, tiptoe, etc.


Here is a Free Sample of a Spinner to work on Fluency Strategies:

More spinner ideas from the Sharing Center

Spinner for game Hi Ho Cherry-O, with focus on core vocabulary

Characters from Brown Bear Brown Bear by Bill Martin Jr.

Center Choices in a Classroom

Alphabet from sone, "Learning Letter Sounds" by Jack Hartmann

Simple spinner to be used with LessonPix game boards.

Feelings Spinner (great for role play)