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Scales and Ratings Templates

The scales and Ratings Templates allow pictures to be sequenced for leveling into ratings or scales. There are different styles such as numbers, counting fingers, numbered trains, a thermometer, or an arrow.

This template contains boxes that contain text and pictures. Each box has an indicator of a level sequenced. Some templates start the numbering from bottom to top or left to right. Each box can be color-coded. This great feature allows users to add colors such as red for the top or bottom.

The scales can start at 0 or 1 and go up to level 7. For example, a scale that represents feelings of discomfort start at a level 0, meaning no discomfort. Then it can go up in gradient to level 7, depending on how may intervals you need. An example of academic scales may scaffold learning objectives from level 0- don’t know, up to level 4- enrichment.

Also, if you creat a color coded voice level chart and then create other materials like a picture card to lable your reading center you can add an overlay to the reading center picture that corresponds to the voice level chart by clicking the Re-Color & Customize option. 

Here is a sample of a Scales and Ratings Material

Our Voice Level Scales

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