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Themed Mats

Themed Mats make learning fun and motivating. Just place your choice of small symbols on a themed picture such as Pumpkin, Mitten, or Spider Web. Great to use with favorite stories or holidays. 

Choose from several themes: Apple Tree, Butterfly, Christmas Tree, Fall Tree, Mitt, Mitten, Nest, Placemat, Pumpkin, Shell, Stocking, Valentine, and Web. 

Each mat comes in Black and white or color version. Use themed mats to teach vocabulary, articulation, story comprehension, social skills, etc. 

Here are some examples of themed mats from the Sharing Center

1. Can you say these /p/ words? 


2. CCVC Smash Mat by Kayla Mead


3. Characters from the story, "The Mitten" by Jan Brett


4. Mealtime Manners Mat