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Artic Trials Template

Artic Trials template is a themed template that shows and repeats symbols with 10, 25, 50, and 100 symbols per page. Commonly used in data collection and assessment, this material works well for students to mark a number of trials such as saying articulation words, performing task repetitons, or self-monitoring behaviors. The fun themes can help motivate young learners or correspond to thematic units. 

This template will repeat the symbols from your tray until the page is full. If you have 1 picture, it will repeat the single picture. 

For added fun, use black and white outline symbols and have students color each symbol as they complete the corresponding task. You can now change your symbols to black and white outline in the wizard as you create a material. 

Choose "Color" versions or chooss "B/W Goal for Coloring" giving a black and white large picture for students to color in.

Here are 3 versions: the standard color/color versions (mark with a bingo dauber), "B/W Goal for Coloring" with color symbols (Mark and then color big picture), and "B/W Goal for Coloring" with b/w symbols. 

Here are a few sample ideas and themes of this "Artic trials" template: 


1. Data

Mark the symbols each time the task is completed.



2. Practice

Name the symbol to practice specific artic words. 



3. Assessments

Create fun assessment sheets to check curriculum knowledge. 



4. Activities

Or create your own "I Spy", counting, or matching worksheet. 



Check out the Sharing Center for more fun ideas. Most of all, have fun learning and playing together!