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Story Grammar Guide

There is no need to reinvent the wheel, everyone knows we don’t have time in our busy day.  When you have an idea for a material, always check our share site first as many speech therapists think alike and let’s face it, some are overachievers.  You are bound to find a material already made perfectly or one that requires just a few alterations to fit your needs. 

Many therapists out there use Story Grammar Marker and Braidy, the StoryBraid Doll®, by Maryellen Moreau.  LessonPix user "eastlake" created these two supplemental materials which can be found on our share site. 



LessonPix would like to thank Ms. Moreau for granting permission for us to include her images in our library.


Using materials from our share site is easy.  Here's how to use someone’s shared material AS IS:

  • Click on the material you want
  • Click on download
  • And print.
  • Viola!

If you want to MODIFY a shared material:

  • Clear your tray
  • Click on the material
  • Click on the + sign to load pictures into your tray
  • Delete or add images as needed
  • Choose material
  • Reorder the pictures if necessary and/or change any wording as it will keep the original wording from the shared material.
  • Modify any settings, fonts or language you want to change
  • You now have a new material in a short amount of time.