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Articles > For Therapy > Listening for Initial and Final Sounds with Clothespin Cards
Header Image for Listening for Initial and Final Sounds with Clothespin Cards


Occupational therapists LOVE when classroom teachers and SLPs incorporate fine motor activities throughout the day.  Clothespin cards will make your OT do a happy dance!

Here is a sample of the “picture to picture” option for clothespin card activities you can find on the share site at LessonPix.  To create your own version, you would load your tray with the large image, then the three small images in the order you want them to appear on each card.  We used the alphabet images for the letters in this sample.  In the second image, the title was changed to "What is the last sound?" since the final sounds were included originally.


The children can mark their answer in a variety of ways including:

  • Clip on a clothes pin
  • Use a dauber
  • Use a dry erase marker/crayon
  • Roll tiny playdoh circles and press on
  • Roll up or make a small circle with wikki stixs