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Spring Egg-Stravaganza

Using one material to target multiple goals saves time and helps with carryover of skills. In these activities, use pictures containing articulation sounds/processes or vocabulary from a theme or story on the egg pictures.  Here are sample pictures that contain a final /f/.


Activity 1: Hide the eggs around the room and work on prepositions. 

  • Have the children say, “I found the blue egg under the chair” or “ I found the wolf on the shelf”, etc. 
  • Have the children follow directions with the eggs…”find the blue egg with the wolf and put it under the chair.


Activity 2: Use these same pictures to work on pronouns.  Make a variety of pronoun charts. State a direction "Give the ___ to him / her" and the child places the egg in the appropriate column/basket. 

  • Attach a larger picture of each bunny to the front of a basket and put the eggs in the baskets. 
  • The kids could decorate small Chinese food containers found at the dollar store and take the activity home for carryover practice.

Here I created a boy and girl bunny using the symbol combiner tool. Change the title on the material to create a variety of pronoun targets (He has/ She has, Give the ______ to Him/Her, The ______ is his/hers.  You can put two bunnies together to work on theirs/them and two children together to work on ours/us.


A few adaptions:

Print large eggs and play a game like hullaballoo…  hop to a blue egg… touch an animal with your left hand…crawl to something that you eat… march to something that ends with /f/.

Put the egg pictures inside plastic eggs and hide them around the room, turn out the lights and let the kids find them with flashlights.  A fun addition to this is to draw on them with glow in the dark paint prior to the activity if you don’t have flashlights.