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Pronoun Patty

Pronoun Patty is a LessonPix character who can help teach, practice, and play with different pronouns. You can find Patty's pictures here. By focusing on one character, all of the pronouns are shown in relation to her. For example "I" is Patty and "us" is Patty and her friend, (Position Pete). 

Remember that all of the text can be changed to match the pronouns you need.  

Here are some fun activities to teach pronouns...

1. Pronoun Picture cards: Use visuals to introduce and discuss pronouns.  

2. Possessive Pronouns Dice Game: Construct these two dice for a fun way to practice possessives. "His" + "pencil" or "Your" + "school". 

3. Predictible Chart Writing Strips: Use picture cards on the last page to fill in the blank for each sentence. Cut the sentences into strips for a small group activity. 

4. Name the Pronoun: Students can mark each pronoun after they say, idenitfy, match, or use the pronoun in a sentence. For more fun, students mark the pronoun when they find it in a story or find matching picture cards hidden around the room.  

5. Find the Words: Students can use these picture and word cards to find matching pronouns while "reading the room" or in a storybook. 

Click here to find more Pronoun activities in our sharing center! Have fun!


Books to teach Pronouns:

Corduroy by Don Freeman- ex. He is a teddy bear. She wants Corduroy. They went home. 

Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown - ex. She is fishing. He is swimming. She is climbing. He is running away.

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie by Laura Numeroff - ex: If you give HIM, HE'll want..., (Comment "he has..", "look at him!")

Knuffle Bunny by Mo Williems - ex "Where are they going?", "They are going past the park", "She has her bunny", "He is holding the laundry.", etc.

They She He as Easy as ABC by Maya Christina Gonzalez


More Resources: