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Frog and Fly Activity

Read the story Frog and the Fly, or the Wide-Mouthed Frog, target the /f/ sound and follow up with this cute activity.

  • Print out the flies on one side of the paper and the pictures on the backside of the same paper. 
  • Cut out pictures and attach a string of yarn a few inches long with a paperclip fly side out.  Tape the other end of the yarn to a wall or door so the pictures are at the child’s level.
  • Attach a sticky dot to each fly.  An alternative would be to attach a Velcro dot (female) to each fly belly and a (male) velcro dot to the very end of the horns when extended.

Each child will have his/her own horn and take turns blowing the horn out, a.k.a the frog tongue, to try and catch a fly.  Each child would clap out the syllables, identify compound word parts, initial, final, or medial sounds, use the word in a sentence or describe the word depending on their speech/language targets.

To make your own set of pictures, choose the images you would like to use from our library and load the tray, click "Create Materials" and choose "picture cards". Choose the classic option and you can change the box color in the pull down

Bonus!  They are also working on breath volume and control, lip rounding and tongue strengthening. See how it's made in this youtube video.