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Recipes With LessonPix Templates

Recipe templates embed valuable learning opportunities in language, sequencing, following directions, and measurement. LessonPix maintains an affordable price by keeping the usability simple; however, recipe templates are not always simple. Our members have found innovative ways to create recipes within LessonPix using a variety of templates.

Learn more ways to create truly custom designs using the Microsoft Office Add-in.   


Recipes Using LessonPix Templates in the Wizard

Many users create recipes with the existing templates such as schedules, picture cards, menus & lists, and scales and ratings.  Get inspired with these wonderful examples of recipes from the Sharing Center 

1. Schedules Templates


2. Menus and Lists Templates


3. Picture Card Templates


4. Picture and Word Cards


5. Scales and Ratings Template                      6. Books and Stories


7. Flashcards

Many of these look so delicious! To find more recipes in the Sharing Center, search "recipe" - so many great ideas!