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Kids LOVE to roll the dice! 

Roll the Dice Mat


Making versatile dice games is so easy with LessonPix.           

  • Download this blank Roll and Say template from the sharing center                        
  • Laminate or put inside of plastic page protectors or report covers
  • Add some soft fuzzy Velcro for each target
  • Choose your images and print small picture cards and laminate.
  • Add prickly Velcro the picture cards and you are ready to go.
  • Store the pages and images in a binder for quick access.

Use our dice rolling grid template to easily customize a grid to target sounds, parts of speech, vocabulary, etc.  


Some adaptations:

  • Put the die/dice in a clean parmesan cheese container or small Tupperware container with lid to keep them from constantly falling off the table.
  • Use the new clothes pin literacy template and the kids can clip or cover the words they said correctly.
  • To work on a variety of skills with the same images in either activity, the child can:
  • provide a synonym or antonym
  • describe the picture
  • use it in a phrase or sentence
  • identify the number of syllables
  • identify the initial, medial or final sound