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Physical Therapy with LessonPix

LessonPix provides an online resource where physical therapists can customize materials for their clients. With its easy-to-use interface, PTs can quickly develop visual schedules, customize therapy activities, promote an inclusive environment, and optimize results. Check out these activities to support therapy using both printed and online materials. 

Check out these materials- great for use in physical therapy or motor group lessons. 


Visual Schedules

Visual schedules show the plan and expectation for a therapy session. 



Choice Board

Make an area with activities to choose for PT. You may group sets of pictures and ask the student to choose 1-2 from each group. 



Reward / Goal Setting

The "I am working for" template is great to show a goal or reward, and the steps to achieve it. A therapist may save the preferred activity for the final reward. 



Make it a Game

Have students complete task repetitions as a game. Use game boards or playing card templates or an obstacle course to work through a series of activities. 



Body Position Bingo

Do the body position while trying to make a bingo! Smash play dough balls as bingo markers for added sesory fun. Great for motor planning. 


Visual Use of Equipment

Display rules or ideas on how to use equipment for physical therapy. This may include stretch band exercises, body stretches, ball work, swing positions, or trampoline activities. 



Label Equipment 

Place labels on equipment to show clearly defined areas of work. This also helps bring literacy-rich environment into the therapy room. 



Animal Actions

Move like the animals do in these fun motor activities. Great to add to an obstacle course or draw from a hat. 


Random Selection Tools

Create activities on a random selection tool such as spinner or dice. Use the LessonPix Play Tools for fun activities on an interactive whiteboard or remote learning / telepractice.  



Most of all, have fun learning and playing together!