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Preposition Activities with the Symbol Builder

Preposition Pete is not enough for you?  With the Symbol Builder tool you can create your own adorable images.  This activity from the share site inlcudes:

  • A monkey and a tree
  • A cat and a table
  • Puppies and a box
  • A chick and a basket
  • And of course, Preposition Pete



These cards can be used in many different ways:

  • Use the cards to teach the concept
  • Have the child choose the correct one from field of two or three
  • Have the child sort by same position
  • Print two copies and play “Go Fish”, “Old Maid”
  • Use for receptive and expressive multistep direction activities
  • Create larger images for the ones in the pictures and have the kids position them properly using ticky tac or Velcro

Here's a video on how to use the symbol builder: 

Creating your own prepositonal cards is easy and fun!  Here's how:

You can find the Symbol Builder at the top as a tab or on the "My LessonPix" page.  When you click on it a blank box will come up.

  1. On the left you would search for the static image you would like and drag it to the blank box.
  2. Then search and choose the image you would like to reposition and drag it to the image box.
  3. Resize the images keeping in mind that the new image is the size of the box.
  4. Buttons under the new image box allow you to rotate, reverse, duplicate and move images to the front and back for layering.
  5. The X deletes the highlighted image...the blank will erase your whole image and return you to a blank image
  6. Once your picture is how you want it, you will name it, add search tags and a description to the right, then save new image.
  7. I recommend using the back arrow from the next screen so you can reposition your image and keep the size ratio without starting over with a blank box.
  8. When completed, the images are saved in your library as custom images and can be shared in the share site as long as no personal images were used.

FOR SOME ADDED FUN:  search "stickers" in the symbol builder.  Here, you can add ponytails, facial hair, glasses, potato head parts, wheelchairs, etc to images.