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Unity Symbols in LessonPix

LessonPix has PRC Unity Symbols included in your membership. Unity Symbols are symbols used in Unity Language System for AAC and are the foundation for LAMP Words For Life and CoreScanner.

Unity symbols are found in the folder "PRC Unity Symbols" under the "Clip Art" yellow tab. The LAMP symbols have a separate folder named "LAMP Words for Life"

To have Unity Symbols show in search result, you may need to turn on the Unity Symbols. Go to "Your LessonPix" and click "edit" to update your account. You will see a drop-down to "SHOW" or "HIDE" the PRC Unity symbols. If the account says "SHOW"; the Unity symbols will show first in search results. See how in video:

When Unity symbols show in search results, you will see a purple ribbon that identifies the Unity Symbol. This ribbon will not appear in materials generated. 

Now you can create activities that use the same symbols on your students devices. Unity symbols are a great addition to our LessonPix library. 

For more information on Unity or LAMP, go to