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SoundFinder: How to find words with specific sounds

Our unique SoundFinder lets you search by sounds, finding the words that contain exactly the sounds you're looking for in the position you want them.  It can search for single phonemes, or sound groups, and is very easy to use!

This video shows you how:


The soundfinder tool is AMAZING for making materials for articulation therapy or phonological awareness. The soundfinder helps you find the target symbols to create fun learning games and visuals in minutes. 

You start by entering a word that contains your target sound or group of sounds.

Here I entered the word "Perfect" and the results showed the sounds in the word (written in IPA - International Phonetic Alphabet). Click on the sounds you need. Then you can filter to words with the sound in the beginning,  middle, end, or anywhere and choose to exclude blends. 


I chose /per/ in the beginning of words: perspire, perform, parade.... It finds the sounds, not the letters. (If you need specific letters, use the LetterFinder tab on the left.)

You can also filter down by syllable.

Here I chose "ship" for the target shound /sh/ in the middle of words. Results showed ocean, lotion, dishes, etc. When I change to 3 syllables, I get parachute, magician, and eyelashes. 

Just drag the symbols you want to the tray and click "create materials" to choose your template. Simple. 

Check out these materials from the Sharing Center made from the SoundFinder tool. 

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There are so many fun games and activities while practicing sounds! Have fun learning and talking together!!